An Open Letter to the Editor of Time Magazine

An Open Letter to the Editor of Time Magazine

On June 20th 2014 your reporter Charlotte Alter wrote a piece entitled “The Problem with Pit Bulls”. In researching her story Ms. Alter has used only sources which support her hypothesis that pit bulls are dangerous, sources which have in fact proven to be unreliable time and time again. She did not research both sides of the story and conveniently leaves out the research of those who say pit…

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Hot Car, Dead Dog…don’t make this mistake.

Hot Car, Dead Dog…don’t make this mistake.

hot-car-safety-for-dogsWell folks the warm weather is upon again, and with it come the idiots who leave their dog in a hot car while they shop or dine in air conditioned comfort. You would think by now that people would have gotten it through their heads that a car in the sun with the windows rolled up is essentially an oven. Seems the general population is too stupid to grasp this so let me explain once again (as I…

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Dog Bite Prevention Starts With YOU!

Dog Bite Prevention Starts With YOU!


This week we have been talking about bite prevention and proper interaction with dogs. A high percentage of dogs bites to children are caused by inappropriate approach to a dog. The belief among animal behavior professionals is that the major cause of dog bites to humans is related to failure of owners and dog bite victims to recognize when dogs are fearful and know how to approach and greet…

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It is within your power to prevent dog bite incidents from happening to your child. It’s called “parenting” try it some time!

It is within your power to prevent dog bite incidents from happening to your child. It’s called “parenting” try it some time!

Hello everyone! I hope that the weather where you are is warm and conducive to lots of outdoor play for you and your dog. Spring and summer are great seasons aren’t they? You get a chance to get out more, take walks see the sights, get some fresh air, perfect really!

Spring and summer ( and most of the fall) bring out the dog owners and their pets. At this time of year we see dogs everywhere…

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Life with dogs: Backyard Houdini

Life with dogs: Backyard Houdini

Good morning all! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. Have you ever had one of those mornings where you spring from bed knowing something isn’t right? I had one this morning.

You see every morning my wonderful hubby gets up at the crack of dawn (because that is when the alarm clock dogs tell him to get up) he makes a pot of coffee and takes the dogs out for their run. Simple and…

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Where you a part of Charlie’s rescue? If so we really need to talk to you!

Where you a part of Charlie’s rescue? If so we really need to talk to you!

Here in this forum we mostly discuss animals (predominantly dogs) and their welfare. By now any of you that read me with any sort of regularity are well aware of my stand on animal rights.  I write about what I see what I hear and what is brought to my attention. Sometimes my views cause argument and sometimes I get hate mail. I’m tough I can handle it.

Every once in a while something I write…

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Help Your Dog Beat the Heat!

Help Your Dog Beat the Heat!

It’s really starting to get hot in Ontario this week, hot enough to turn my wiener into a ball park frankfurter, and alter his already skewed perception of acceptable behavior! I’m worried that everyone south of Barrie, Ontario is bursting into flames as I type. I am also worried that many Ontarians don’t seem to understand how important it is for your dog to stay cool in the hot summer weather.…

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Should I Leash My Dog? [Flowchart]

Janette Hamilton:

One of my favorite bloggers…

Originally posted on notes from a dog walker:

Ever wonder when it’s ok to let your dog off leash?

Check out this handy flowchart created by the fabulous Jenny Williams. In just a few text bubbles (and with a sense of humor) it’ll help you make a responsible, respectful, safe choice!

Download and print the pdf here to share! Note: this is not available for commercial use. Jenny Williams gets all the props for this one. Please be sure to give her credit when you share it. And check out her site: for more!

Download and print the pdf to share! Note: this is not available…

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Million Mutt March Against BSL Brings out More Support than Ever!

Million Mutt March Against BSL Brings out More Support than Ever!

This past weekend in several cities around the world dog owners, dog lovers and their dogs came out in force to show their support for a repeal of Breed Specific legislation. They called it the million mutt march, and I wish I could have been there to see it myself.

In 2005 when we started this fight getting people to come out and support our dogs was like pulling teeth. Don’t get me wrong we…

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Dog Given Lifetime Prison Sentence after Biting Child

Dog Given Lifetime Prison Sentence after Biting Child

Well good morning folks! I hope this post finds you all well and happy. I would like to apologize for the lack of new postings, but thanks to our wonderful Ontario medical system I am still waiting for an MRI on my shoulder, and then possible surgery. So I haven’t been extremely mobile for the past few weeks. In fact I have spent the last few weeks keeping up with animal news all over the planet.…

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