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As I sit here at my computer I look out my window, it is April 15th and there is a new fall of snow on the ground. The Chi’s are hoping it will be the last for a while, they want summer weather, and who can blame them? Canadian winters are hard when you weigh 5 -10 pounds, and were not bred for the harsh cold weather. Truth be told we are all praying that…

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Why can’t we all just get along?

Why can’t we all just get along?

How many times have you seen it? One trainer trashing another’s methods. It happens all the time, people have different ideas about what constitutes “acceptable” training methods for dogs, and they can be very vocal when they don’t agree. I have never understood why there is so much infighting in animal rescue. So there I am perusing facebook over my morning coffee when I come across a post i can…

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Bullying, Threats, & Community Bias force Valley Mastiff Rescue to move across river to Ontario

Bullying, Threats, & Community Bias force Valley Mastiff Rescue to move across river to Ontario

Saint-Cécile de Masham, Que: France Turcotte’s Valley Mastiff Rescue has saved 86 dogs since 2009, including successfully rehabilitating 14 dogs recovered from a raid on Canada’s largest puppy mill in 2010. Some of the dogs are terminally ill and are cared for by Valley Mastiff Rescue during their last months or weeks of life.


France Turcotte with Sydney, left, and Austin, who is terminally ill,…

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Missed radio shows and off leash dogs…

Missed radio shows and off leash dogs…

Today I type at you with one hand. The other is in a sling, and pretty much useless for the time being. I am on some pretty serious pain medications so I hope this post makes sense.

Last evening I was scheduled to appear on Stripped – Real Raw Radio. The subject matter at hand was the fate of a pit bull named Mickey accused of mauling a four year old boy. I know many of you have been following…

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Clock’s winding down Racy.

Clock’s winding down Racy.

Well, well ,well pups and kittens! Did you read my blog yesterday? Many of you have been emailing me and asking the same question. “Hey GD yesterday we saw a screen shot where Racy to the Banky claimed Viktor wasn’t LAG’s big cheese any more! So if Viktor’s out, whose the new big cheese?”

Relax boys and girls and I will tell you a story. It starts with an ineffectual little man named Racy to the…

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LAG and He’Art of Rescue: Partners in Harassment of the Public? So it would seem!

LAG and He’Art of Rescue: Partners in Harassment of the Public? So it would seem!

Hey folks! Gossip Dog here. Now I know you all haven’t heard from me for a while but that does not mean I haven’t been hard at work on finding out what is going on with LAG and that guy we all love to hate. Viktor Larkhill aka Ivan Jimenez Chicon.

Amazingly enough Ivan and his Idiots are still hard at work trying to scam the innocent public. It seems that THIS time however they may have gone too…

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But seriously dudes…leash up!

But seriously dudes…leash up!

kurgo-wander-leashGood morning everybody! I hope your week has been a good one so far. We are still trying to get things back to some semblance of order after our daughter moved back home last month, but it looks as if things may finally be working themselves out. The dogs found it difficult to get into a routine with new noises in the house, after all they have had three years of it being just me and my husband,…

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Of Morning Walks and Off Leash Dogs

Of Morning Walks and Off Leash Dogs

111810_dog_offleashLately we have been discussing dog owner responsibility. Part of that responsibility is leashing your dog when walking on public streets.

Have you ever had the perfect peace of an idyllic walk with your dog shattered by the rude interruptions of an off leash dog? My Dachshund Yoda (Canada’s Ambassador for senior rescues)and I experienced such a thing this morning while taking our morning walk. We…

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Yoda! You can’t drive without a licence buddy!

Yoda! You can’t drive without a licence buddy!

drivingI have a story to tell. (LOL don’t I always?) I suppose I should have told you all about this when it happened, but I gapped and wrote about something else that day. I have however found the reason why you should NEVER travel in the car with your small breed dog untethered!

Now generally when I take Yoda anywhere and it’s just me and him, I use a very nifty carrier bag given to him by his number…

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The key to preventing bite incidents is owner responsibility.

The key to preventing bite incidents is owner responsibility.

In the past couple of posts we have been talking about dog owner responsibility as it pertains to dog bites. However the possibility that a dog may bite is not the only reason that dog owners need to take responsible for their pets, and ensure that their animals are controlled at all times. Many other reasons exist.

Let’s look at reasons why your dog should be leashed in public. (Yes THAT old…

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